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About Sheenagh Owen-Brown

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If you are looking to transform the way you feel about your life and your outlook then clairvoyant of international repute Sheenagh Owen-Brown can help you.

Sheenagh, who has worked with a host of high profile people from all over the world and from all walks of life, provides angel readings. Her readings can help you to shrug off negativity and look at life in a more positive and energetic frame of mind.

'By letting the angels into your life you can transform how you feel and your outlook, giving you a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle,'
says Sheenagh.

Sheenagh's clients, who include business leaders, sportsmen and entertainers, turn to her for guidance in transforming their high-powered work into empowered lives.

Sheenagh, who started seeing spirits when she was young, had her first angelic experience at 11. It filled her with a sense of overwhelming calm. She decided to use her talent to help others.

Angel is a Hebrew word 'malakh', which means messenger. It is said that everyone has guardian angels that stand by their sides and are their individual protectors. Other angels enter your lives at certain times. Angels are filled with positive energies and have recharging capacities. The role of Sheenagh and other angel readers is to help you understand and listen to your angels, to 'invite the angels in,' which in turn helps you to relax, remain optimistic and fulfill your personal life plans.

The angel reading takes a similar format to the traditional tarot card reading, which Sheenagh also offers.

Sheenagh often works with children too. She says that they are open to the idea of angels and are comforted by the unerring support they provide. Sheenagh has helped children with problems as diverse as illness, stress from exams, bullying and the pressures alcohol and drug abuse Sheenagh helps them deal with their issues. Whilst the angels provide an enduring crutch, they also encourage individuals to become accountable for their life and actions.

'Through my angel readings my main objective is to re-connect you to your angels and your angelic self, so you are able to receive messages from your own personal guardian angels with an open heart and mind. My personal readings will enhance your ability to become more receptive to these precious messages, which will then empower you to a new understanding of how important angels are to helping you achieve your dreams and goals.'

Contact Sheenagh 0909 967 9976 1.50 a min