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Angel Scopes

Connecting with your Angels

We are allowed to call on the angels at any time and in every situation a person does not have to be religious or worthy to do this. Also we do not have to be at the end of our possibilities and powers. Life becomes easier if we include the angels from the start and not in time of crisis. The more we include help from the angels in our everyday life and use them in common matters, the stronger our connection will be and the clearer our perception. We will also learn to differentiate between when we can receive gifts and when we must do something ourselves, remember the angels just don't take care of everything.

Angels are powers who stand by our side for everything. They also fulfill our wishes. When you have wishes you will be able to feel whether it is a task for the angels and which one to call upon. You actually cannot do anything wrong since angels are not judgmental and choose to ignore certain events and decisions. The right angels will do their work even if you ask the wrong ones or just make a general request. Some people believe that they are not allowed to ask the angels for money or material things, yet the world we live in is the material world. Material things are the treasures of the material world. It is an expression of self love when we allow ourselves to live in beauty, prosperity and wealth, when we love ourselves we can take and give more, we can then recognise that the world in which we live is abundant and this abundance is also part of our existence

Relationships and wealth is our greatest learning field, many people get stuck here in self-judgment, old patterns, guilt feelings, inferiority complexes and feelings of being unworthy. We may not receive the millions of pounds that we desire from our angels, not because we are not allowed them but unconsciously we block ourselves and do not regencies it. People often do not allow themselves to ask or demand, they practice modesty and tell themselves that they actually don't need anything and already have everything. Whatever we asked the angels for it becomes a learning step and awakens us to know and feel that angels are with us to give us help and support.