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A person born in the year of the Dog will be honest, intelligent and straightforwardFor these traits he could be the most likeable sign in the chinese horoscope. he is loyal and has a genuine passion for justice and fair play. He will be very attractive and will exude sex appeal. if you are in trouble all you need to do is dial D-O-G no-matter what he cannot ignore a real call for help, if any body bails you out of trouble 10 times out of 10 he must be a dog.

The Dog social and at home

It is not easy for the Dog to trust, but he will do his best to bring out the best in his friends and co workers, and give you alot of support. Try criticising someone who is dear to the dog and you will become the bone. Many saints and martyrs are born under the sign of the Dog.

Dog Woman

She has a warm enduring beauty, Cher, Sophia Loren Brigitte Bardot are but a few examples of the glamorous females born under this sign, she will be thoughtful and capable of almost everything. A real friend to her husband and children she will allow them enough freedom without being possessive or interfering.

Dog Man

He can endure a great deal of stress without cracking up. he does not care to much about money, but if he has a desperate need for it no one is better equipped to find it.
He will not like you to pry into his affairs this will only make him with draw and become secretive. you will have to gain his confidence gradually and wait for him to warm to you. He will always spot the good guys and the bad guys. to him you are either a friend or foe a supporter or an opponent. and his decision to trust you or not trust you is his final one. He will cut his opposition's arguments to ribbons with his flawless logic and acid wit, his bad temper will do alot of damage but he only resorts to this when he is getting nowhere with diplomacy.

Dog in Love

He will not go out and fall madly in love, but when he does find the right person to share his life he will be deeply attached and affectionate. If you are looking for true companionship and fidelity throughout your life you can not go wrong with the loving loyal dog

Dog Child

This child is friendly, happy and well balanced, he expects little of others. he will be popular because of his sense of humour and warmth. He will not stray to far away from home. When offended though he will br rebellious, mean and hypercritical. Once he starts a fight he will not be open to discussion or negotiation any more never challenge him to the point of no return because he will erupt like a volcano

Metal Dog 1910-1970

The metal element combined with this lunar sign, which is governed by Metal produces a double metal sign which is extremely formidable. this combination is the IRON DOG. He principles are of the highest, he is noble and charitable. His loyalty is unquestionable, never one to be labelled as indecisive he will pick a side and never desert his affiliation.

Water Dog 1922-1982

This type of dog is very intuitive and will be difficult to lead astray. He will be very attractive or if a female have striking beauty. More easy going than the other dogs and will project an impressive public image. He will be fated to have a large circle of friends and his company much sought after.

Wood Dog 1934-1994

This type of dog is enchanting and warm hearted, he will form a lasting and close relationship with with those he chooses to love and have befriend. He will be honest and well liked. the wood element will make him more stable and generous by nature and will seek beauty and balance in his life. He will be attracted to money and success. he is group oriented and will be eager to please.

Fire Dog 1946-2006

This type of dog will be very attractive and will be drawn to the limelight. he he is forced to do something against his will he will become defiant and rebellious. whatever the sex he will be very popular to the opposite sex. he loves new adventures and new experiences, he will relate well to older people whom he can learn alot from. He will have a strong outgoing personality which will attract many followers. he will also over come barriers in his life with finesse.

Earth Dog 1898-1958

This type of dog is a thinker, he is faithful in his belief's he will be quiet and very secretive and will understand how to inspire others and point them in the right direction. A great fighter and an good survivor this dog is less sentimental than the others. He will speak the truth straight from his heart and will br realistic and show self-respect. This dog is never totally crushed nor is he overconfident in victory.