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The Fifth Sign of the Lunar Cycle


The dragon person is magnanimous and full of vitality and strength, at times demanding and unreasonable, the dragon likes to perform on a grand scale. Whenever the dragon does good or bad he will never fail to make headlines, he is a prosperous sign and is likely to be loyal to his loved ones despite his strange temper.

Dragon Social and Home

Whatever differences he or she may have with the family they will never 888888 be forgotten or set aside when they call for help. The dragon will always come to the rescue promptly, however the family can also count on a severe lecture once the crises is over.

Dragon Man

Very strong and decisive, he is not cunning or manipulative when the contest is to be decided on strength alone the dragon will conquer. Often over confident and brash, too proud to call for assistance, he will always have a right to wrong, a cause to fight and a goal to reach.

Dragon Lady

She is the grand dame of the cycle, a believer in equal rights for women. Double standards and discrimination will arouse her wildest passions and greatest anger, what man wan do, she can probably do better. She will be determined to beat you at your won game and will even die trying.

The Dragon in Love

In spite of the volcano of emotions, the dragon is not sentimental overly sensitive or romantic; he takes love and adulation for granted. He may be stubborn, irrational and overbearing but will forgive you the moment he gets over his outburst but will expect forgiveness for his error also.

The Dragon child

A high-spirited child, forceful, fearless and vibrant, never worried to ask for help. His parents and teachers will have high regard for him. Tough and resilient, he may be a bit of a buy at times and slightly domineering. The dragon child must be made to feel appreciated, his efforts are always sincere and he should be praised, as he will work very hard. The dragon child will want you to rely on him and he will never disappoint you, he will be strong and faithful. The child needs for your to be proud of him more than anything.

Metal Dragon 1940-2000

Bright, action-oriented, open and expressive, the metal dragon can be strong willed and highly critical. The strong metal dragon will rush in where angels fear to tread, he will succeed because he will allow himself to other course and can never retract once he goes on the attack.

Water Dragon 1952 – 2012

Very reliable and devoted, an over optimistic democratic water dragon is unselfish and liberal minded. He is likely to be a successful negotiator as he knows when, where an how to ally force. He must remember to reinforce the foundations for his endeavors or he may lose everything.

Wood Dragon 1904-1964

With sound logic the wood dragon is a natural teacher, generous and creative, at times he can be condescending and magnanimous. Not as self-centred or as vindictive as the other dragon elements, still he will be outspoken, proud and fearless when challenged.

Fire Dragon 1916-1976

With a vibrant personality, the fire dragon has a competitive streak and can be inconsiderate and short tempered at times. Very demanding, a natural empire builder and a performer of the highest degree, in reality he is a open and human person. It’s important that he uncovers the truth at all costs, he is unable to tolerate anything less than perfection.

Earth Dragon 1928 – 1988

A very sociable executive type, stable, fair and generous, can be compulsive and serious. His outbursts of temper will be few, a strong, brave but quiet dragon, he will value cooperation and will work for the good of all.

Dragon & Ox

They will have a great deal of respect for each other and be able to achieve common goals.

Dragon & Tiger

Moderately successful with occasional fire-works, clashes of will and misunderstandings may result when they fight for the limelight.

Dragon & Rabbit

The dragon has great need of rabbits tactfulness and good judgments, the rabbit will do wonders for the dragons tarnished image.

Dragon & Dragon

This is a dynamic duo with strong religious belief and political causes usually binding these two together.

Dragon and Snake

Successful and compatible relationships since these two powerful signs need each other. Ambition will be the keyword in this partnership.

Dragon and Snake

A cool relationship, the dragon will be protective towards the peace loving sheep; the dragon will be the leader though.

Dragon & Horse

A struggle for dominance as the horse can be impatient and restless under the leadership of the dragon.

Dragon & Rooster

They will strive to find prosperity, success and happiness together, The dragon will fight while the rooster will perch on its shoulder and supervise – we should pity the opposition.

Dragon & Boar

No large differences or serious conflicts in such a partnership, they will be committed and passionate.