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The ninth Sign of the Lunar Cycle

The Monkey

In the Chinese zodiac the monkey is the sign of the inventor, the improviser and the motivator, a charlatan capable of drawing everyone to him with his inimitable guile and charm. Being the quick-witted genius of the cycle, he is clever and flexible, the monkey can solve intricate problems with ease and will be a fast learner, and he can master anything under the sun and will have good linguistic aptitude. He will be successful at whatever he chooses to do; no challenge will be too great for him. He has a rare gift of making you like him even after he has tricked you, take a good piece of advice Ďdonít ever try to trick the monkey, chances are you wont get away with it.í Every monkey will be original; they donít make moulds of this character and stamp them out by the dozens. It will also be difficult to be angry at the monkey for long because he is an expert at making himself likeable and indispensable. The monkey is a warm, natural and spontaneous person who will work hard.

The Monkey Man

He is extremely competitive and can be extremely selfish, egotistic and vain, there is also a jealous streak in him that surface every time someone gets a promotion. He is immensely sociable character who can get on the good side of anyone. He has many sides to his personality, the one quality that is not missing is confidence and the unshakable belief in himself, he remarkably makes a top PR man, original and shrewd with many.

Monkey Woman

The monkey girl is miss sparkle herself, a natural performer, she creates excitement and stimulation wherever she goes, few people will be left unstirred by her provocative beauty and her liveliness. She will work with any group, a great party goer, gracious hostess and tactful confidant, but never underestimate her, she is ultra competitive, observant and calculating. Miss monkey will be attracted to the limelight; she will be cheerful and resourceful. Be careful not to fall under her spell or you will be hooked on her forever. Independent and self assured, she knows exactly what she wants and where she wants to go, she may be able to teach you a few short cuts along the way. She may be nosy, but will not be giving away any of her secrets for itís well guarded information. Good at choosing her words, she will say the right thing at the right time, she is adept at getting her own way and an excellent judge of character, she can be critical and snobbish, a neat dresser, she is especially vain about her hair.

Monkey in Love

Excitable, pretentious and crafty, he will ignore anybody that tries to restrict him; he likes everything his own way. When you think you have had enough of his ways the monkey will turn on his sweet charm and saintly smile, apologise from the bottom of his heart and pour flattery all over your wounds, then stand on his head to make you laugh. You will forget all the harsh measures you where going to take over him and be a willing captive all over again.

Monkey Child

The monkey child will be bright eyed and busy tailed, he will steal his way into your heart, donít be upset if he breaks his toys, he likes to take things apart to see how they work. The monkey child can divide his attention among several subjects and master them all. He may have a selfish streak and refuse to share however you can be sure that the monkey child will bring joy and excitement into your life.

Water Monkey 1932 & 1992

Patient, kind, dignified, cooperative yet secretive at times, he will have flair and originality, he motivates himself as well as others, he has keen understandings of how human relationships function and will use his knowledge to achieve his ends.

Metal Monkey 1920 & 1980

Warm, positive and independent the metal monkey is creative and sophisticated, a strong fighter, capable of making wise investments, this type of monkey will want to run his own business and is always trying to better himself. Naturally hard working and practical, his loyalties will be limited to people only linked to himself.

Wood Monkey 1944 & 2004

Intuitive, honorable, resourceful and curious, this monkey can become restless; he has a good rapport with others and will not pry into the affairs of those around him. He will pride himself in keeping his home and accounts in order and will leap to new challenges.

Fire Monkey 1956

Active and energetic, a determined yet lucky little monkey, he is truthful and can be opinionated and even forceful at times. The fire monkey has a powerful and constant drive to reach the top of his profession. He is highly competitive and capable of jealousy, he is creative and born with immense willpower and initiative, which will enable him to upstage others and keep one step ahead of the game.

Earth Monkey 1908-1968

A deep thinking intellectual, this earth monkey is reliable, placid and always cool and collected. He will be honest and straightforward and will achieve distinction through his thoroughness and devotion to duty. He will devote himself unselfishly to the good of all and will be kind and loving to those he cares about. He will sulk at times and become withdrawn if he is taken fro granted.

Monkey & Ox

These two could make a good team if they learn to use the qualities the other has to offer, this way their differences could turn into strengths and make a formidable twosome.

Monkey & Rabbit

The rabbit knows how to make the monkey keep to his end of the bargain, while he monkey will use his charm to captivate the rabbit.

Monkey & Snake

Both will be unable to relax for too long in each others company and will be looking out for each others shortcomings instead of building a relationship on each others good points however the snake will be very protective over the monkey.

Monkey & Horse

Both signs like getting things done and will not let petty differences get in the way. They both know the importance of seeing the bigger picture.

Monkey & Sheep

The sheep is too modest to blow his own trumpet so maybe the monkey will be his agent for a healthy share in the sheepís royalties of course.

Monkey & Monkey

Monkey and monkey make a successful team if they have similar interests; they know how to combine their formidable wits and run circles around the opposition.

Monkey & Rooster

Monkeys get bored easily and do not have the long attention span of the rooster, they will have different approaches to a problem, the monkey will opt for the short cut and the rooster will make simple things difficult.

Monkey & Boar

Both outgoing and can relate easily to each other, the monkey can spot opportunity a mile away while the boar will back him one hundred percent.

Monkey & Dog

They have mutual respect for each other, the dog is good natured when it comes to the monkeys tricks and will allow the clever monkey to have his way.