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A Bore in love

When in love the Bore will be passionate in their devotion, they will trust with all of their heart the person whom they are in love with and can be trusted 100% back as they believe in honesty, this is why they usually end up the injured party. As a rule, he is very considerate and will not hide his emotions.

Metal Bore 1911-1971

This is a proud, passionate Boar who values his reputation. He will have a excessive appetite and may lack tact and manners. A very sociable Bore who overestimates his friends and underestimates his enemies. The Metal Boar can be a dangerous opponent, when angered he can be violent. He will never quit as he is blessed with great positive strength.

Wood Boar 1935-1995

The Wood Boar can be manipulative and be more concerned with his personal gains and ambition, however he will still devote a lot of his time to helping others. he will try his best to get on with all who come into his world. He is an excellent manager and will assume important positions because of his gift of bringing people together. His positive and cheerful ways will encourage people to support his vices and virtues.

Fire Boar 1947-2007

The fire Boar will never fear the unknown he will try his luck at anything and will succeed against vast odds. He is motivated by love and will try to accumulate wealth in order to provide for all his important family. he will help anyone even a stranger and will be famous for his generous handouts to friends. He can attain great achievement or fall to degradation, depending on the path he chooses and on how he manages his energy and sensuality, he is optimistic and believes in his ability to succeed.

Earth Boar 1899-1959

A kind, thoughtful friend, a reliable associate he will always steer clear of trouble and concentrate on finding tranquility and domestic harmony in his life. he may well be large in size because of his fondness for food and drink. he tends not to worry to much over his problems, as his will power enables him to endure stress and shoulder burdens well beyond the capacity of others. This peace loving and happy Boar will be devoted to his family and work

Boar & Rabbit

Triangle of Affinity most compatible and workable relationship

Boar & Sheep

Triangle of affinity most compatible and workable relationship

Boar & Rat

The Rat will discover that luck is always on the bores side, which they will both benefit and come out feeling like winners

Boar & Ox

There may be no big struggles here but no lasting ties either

Boar & Tiger

They will find a rapport in love and business as the loving Boar will be forgiving to the Cats outbursts

Boar & Dragon

Both signs value sincerity and commitment, and will work passionately for what they believe in

Boar & Horse

there will be no long term attractions due to the differences in chemistry, but there will be no large clashes either.

Boar & Monkey

The bore will admire the monkeys ingenuity to spot opportunity a mile away, and the monkey will admire the boars loyalty this is a solid workable friendship.

Boar & Rooster

Since they have a need for each others skills, this relationship will prosper if the identify each others skills and stick to them.

Boar & Dog

They will be compatible to a certain degree only if they share the same loyalties failing this there path could diverge

Boar & Boar

They will clash as they are so alike and find it hard to resolve their problems.