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Angel Scopes

The Forth sign of the lunar Cycle

The Rabbit

A person born in the year of the rabbit is considered very fortunate. The rabbit is the soul of graciousness, good manners and sound counsel. Kindness and sensitivity of beauty, he will lead a tranquil life as he enjoys a peaceful and congenial environment.

He will be naturally artistic and will be lucky in business and in all kinds of monetary transactions he will be tender and obliging to his loved ones but can be ruthless and superficial to outsiders.

The Rabbit social and Home

Will be a good entertainer and a wonderful host, pleasant and warm company, he has a good word to say about everybody. He will be your best friend as long as you don’t ask too much of him.

Rabbit Man

He is debonair, possessing charm, grace and courtliness. The rabbit man gravitates towards leisure and the cream of society, he will give sensible advice and is very imaginative, but at his worst he is overly sensitive and is allergic to strife and may avoid coming into contact with human suffering or misery.

Rabbit Lady

She will be considerate and understanding with her friends, a great person to shop, work or gossip with. She is delightfully witty and warm and her company is always sought after. When her batteries need recharging she will put up her dainty feet and go limp. Always in control, she has an eye for detail and lives well.

The Rabbit in love

When in love the rabbit may appear to be weak as he has distaste for any confrontation. He is the sign most apt to find happiness and contentment, no matter how he is tossed he will land on his feet. He may not be close to his family but will provide them with the best of everything.

The Rabbit Child

A child born in this year will have a sweet disposition, he will be able to fend for himself and protect his possessions, he will be will liked and accepted everywhere he goes. Softly spoken, a light sleeper, he will be well-mannered, highly disciplined and very observant intellectual.

Metal Rabbit 1951-2010

This rabbit is physically and mentally sturdier, intelligent and with impeccable taste, he is an excellent judge of arts and a devoted worker. Creative yet cunning and has dark moods. He will allow only a handful of people into his inner sanctum, a connoisseur for excellence, he will know how to live well and will savour the good things in life.

Water Rabbit 1903-1963

Very influential and with an excellent memory, this emotional rabbit will meditate at times and can be very indecisive and paranoid. At times his delicate sensitivity makes him dwell too much on the past, he needs strong people to help him see the brighter side of life.

Wood Rabbit 1915-1975

A very charitable team player, he is generous, understanding and sympathetic. He will be able to bend easily and fit into anywhere he chooses. He should be more discriminating and decisive and take the necessary steps to insulate himself from those who prey on his generous nature.

Fire Rabbit 1927-1987

A natural leader, this charming diplomat demonstrates intuitive psychic ability, very affectionate and fun loving. He requires approval, wholehearted support and inspirations in order to sparkle but is intensely aware of changes in his surroundings and is easily moved to anger and disappointment.

Earth Rabbit 1939-1999

Well balanced and steadfast and a rational thinker, sometimes too serious and can be materialistic and sometimes selfish. He could easily be indifferent to the needs of others when they are not in accordance with his objectives but will acknowledge his shortcomings and strive to overcome them.

Rabbit & Rat

They will maintain a working relationship and there is little difficulty in these two getting along.

Rabbit & Ox

May show a lukewarm interest, but not a lot of magic here.

Rabbit & Tiger

They will have sympathy for each other but the tiger may be too aggressive for the peaceful rabbit.

Rabbit & Dragon

Dragon may be too domineering at times which will cause personality clashes.

Rabbit & Snake

This relationship will work if each put a lot of effort into it and have mutual aims.

Rabbit & Horse

The horse may be too quick tempered for the passive horse and the rabbit may be too changeable for the horse to rely on.

Rabbit & Monkey

The rabbit may be attracted to the monkey’s intelligence and the monkey will work his magic on the rabbit.

Rabbit & Dog

A compatible and rewarding relationship, with harmony and happiness.