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Angel Scopes

The Tenth sign of the lunar Cycle

The Rooster

An outstanding performer, the rooster will shine when he is centre of attention, he could pursue any career that exposed him in the public eye. The rooster has amazing stamina. When the rooster is negative he is egotistic, opinionated and too abrasive for this won good, in his mind he is one hundred percent right. Good at handling money, he is fascinated with accounting and sorting out finances. You may not be able to live with the rooster but you will find that you canít get along without him either. Donít ever expect apologies from the rooster, he would rather bite off his tongue than admit he is wrong but he has a good heart and the best of intension's. Take his criticism lightly and with a sense of humor. All roosters are perfectionists in one-way or another.

Rooster Man

The rooster man will be attractive and very handsome, he is proud of his feathers and his impeccable carriage; he will strut about with dignity. He is acute, neat, meticulous, organized, decisive, alert and direct. He loves to argue and debate and will sometimes show little regard for other peoples feelings and should you ruffle his feathers he can be insufferable, he will never fail to make an impression on you, you will either love him or loathe him.

Rooster Woman

More down to earth, she will get things done with minimum fuss, she will have enormous amounts of energy, and she will be helpful and interact well with others. A patient teacher and watchful protective mother; no one can supervise as well as she can, she will get everything going like clockwork. One does however get the impression she is out to reform or remake the people she loves, this is simply her way of showing that she cares.

Rooster child

A good student, fast learner, you can rely on him to pursue his studies, he will be alert, intelligent and painstakingly precise, he will be neat and orderly, he will save his pocket money and is not one to cry for help, he will detest weakness. He tends to be bossy and if you make a mistake he will be the fist to notice it, he will never take the middle of the road, with him you sink or swim.

Metal Rooster 1921 & 1981

Practical, optimistic, factual and reasonable; this rooster will have a passionate attitude to work. The metal element will make him opinionated and headstrong and will have a strange need to be famous or important, his surrounding will be clinical, hygienic and sterile.

Water Rooster 1933 & 1993

This is an intellectual rooster who will be respectful and inspiring, he will think clearly and be extremely practical; he is not as critical as the other roosters.