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The Sixth Sign of the Lunar Cycle

The Snake

The snake is the deepest thinker of the cycle, he is inborn with wisdom and is mystic in his own right, he is graceful and soft spoken and he loves good food, music and books. The most beautiful women and most powerful men are born under this sign. The snake’s life ends up in triumph or tragedy as his past actions dictate he is very superstitious behind his sophisticated front although he will deny this. He is fortunate to have what he needs, so if funds are low he is extremely well equipped to remedy the situation, however a snake person should not gamble, as he will come out poorer in the end. The snake learns fast, he treasures his privacy and will have many dark secrets locked up within.

The Snake Social and Home

All snakes have a sense of humor, of cause different kinds, some prefer dry wit and others sarcastic, and they thrive on danger and lives full of excitement. They make good long standing friendships.

Snake Man

Make snakes have a sense of humor, he can be quite generous by nature, but is known to be ruthless when he wants to attain an important objective. Elegant in speech, dress and manners, the snake man dislikes indulging in useless small talk or other frivolities and he will have no qualms about eliminating anyone who stands in his way. He is always on his guard and can be very evasive and elusive when he chooses and just when you think you have a grip on him he will wriggle free. He has a computer like brain that never stops plotting, his mind is calculation itself and he has the staying power to want until the time is ripe for revenge.

Snake Woman

The snake lady is the original femme fatale, she is cool and serene and has exotic beauty which she will mesmerise people with. She is confident but can be idle, however her brain is never at rest. She loves jewelry and if she can afford it she will buy the real thing – diamonds and pearls. The snake lady will move heaven and earth to make her man successful. She admires power and the influence money can bring. A legion of male admirers will fall over one another to carry her suitcases, open doors and buy her gifts.

The Snake in love

In this relationship, the snake is possessive and very demanding, he will never forgive anyone who breaks a promise, he is also prone to be neurotic even paranoid, where his pet fears and suspicions are concerned. They are passionate lovers and are also reputed to have a roaming eye but when they find love they will wrap themselves around the object of their desire and will not let go so willingly.

The Snake Child

The snake child is a complex personality, quite alert and intelligent, he will posses a serious nature and be inclined to be particular. He will be studious and hardworking, do not spoil him; the snake child is only too aware of his charms. He will make up his mind very easily and be very practical in setting his goals; he can be temperamental, sensitive and even sulky at times.

Metal Snake 1941-2001

Very intelligent and at times over confidant, the metal snake has an envious streak and can at times be calculating. With a strong will power they crave luxury and can be a tad secretive. He will establish himself in a solid position before you have the chance to stop or unseat him, he will devote himself to the pursuit of wealth and power.

Water Snake 1953-2013

Artistic, well read and business oriented, the water snake is very charismatic and at times shrewd and materialistic. While he may assume a clam and serene demeanor, in actuality this particular personality has a strong memory and harbors lifetime grudges. He could have patience of job combined with the bite of a cobra.

Wood Snake 1905-1965

With good judgment and understanding, the wood snake makes a sharp investor; he is affectionate, interesting and magnetic. This type of snake will express himself well and cold be a forceful, eloquent speaker and will be vain about his appearance, he will achieve lasting success on a large scale.

Fire Snake 1917-1977

Charismatic, strong and passionate, the fire snake is very self-confidant, although at times he can be suspicious and uncompromising, he oozes passion. An intense and masterful snake, active in mind and body, once his is at the top he will cling to power indefinitely. He has a strange, almost maniacal desire for fame, power and money. This snake is the most sensual, fervent and jealous kind of snake. He will display excessive love or hate and can be very preoccupied with himself and his desires, always in the thick of things he will make his presence felt wherever he goes.

Earth Snake 1929-1989

Cool, collected and immensely charming, graceful and enchanting, the earth snake is very warm and reliable and at times spontaneous. He will succeed in banking, insurance and real estate investment and can learn to reconcile his needs with the resources at hand. He knows his limits and he will be careful not to overextend himself.

Snake & Rat

These signs are drawn to power and success. There is a good degree of attraction and interaction here but they both have a tendency to take big risks.

Snake & Tiger

A suspicious partnership conflicts and ill feelings will develop as the tiger will have temper tantrums.

Snake & Rabbit

This will be a lukewarm relationship unless they find something specific to bind them together.

Snake & Dragon

The snake will find the dragon attractive. Ambition will be the key word for this partnership.

Snake & Snake

They will cohabit amicably if there is no real struggle for power, they could farm strong bands of friendship.

Snake & Horse

This will be a cool to distant relationship, the snake could be too withdrawn for the hyperactive horse.

Snake & Sheep

The snake will not like to make long term commitments or give in to the whims of the sheep unless he will benefit.

Snake & Monkey

These two resolute and calculating personalities can not compromise, the monkey finds it hard to trust the snake. The snake sizes up the clever monkey and is fearful of the masterful apes ability to outwit him.

Snake & Dog

They have natural respect for each other, they will be compatible and amicable to a certain degree.