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The Third sign of the Lunar Cycle
The Tiger

The Tiger symbolizes power, passion and daring. A rebellious, colourful but unpredictable character, he has a love of life and is very impulsive, he will arouse every sort of emotion in people. He loves being centre of attention always ready for action; he has a marvelous sense of humor.

The Tiger at Social and Home

He loves babies, sick and orphaned animals and exotic plants. He will have many pets to share his home, when he gets involved his involvement is total. He is never half-hearted about his endeavors and will always give one hundred percent if he can. This fearless and fiery fighter will ward off the three main dangers to the household; fire, thieves and ghosts.

Tiger Man

Suspicious by nature, he commands awe and respect. At best he is warm, sensitive and sympathetic, at worst he is obstinate, unreasonable and selfish. He trusts his own luck and charisma to see him through and to finally bring him success. Never feel sorry for him!

Tiger Woman

She is a charming ad radiant hostess, very fashion conscious, a articulate and caring person who spoils her children. She seems to be a sweet little kitten only because this act gets her good reviews but donít be misled, she keeps her claws sharpened just in case she needs them.

The Tiger in Love

Romantic, playful and passionate, the Tiger in love can be very sentimental but sometimes over possessive and quarrelsome when jealous. Itís quite an experience being in love or married to a Tiger!

The Tiger Child

The Tiger child is a bundle of joy and a holy terror at the same time. A live wire, he is generous, charming and bright. Self confident and highly-strung he can bully at times but makes friends easily as he is affectionate. Life may not run smoothly with him around but it would be dull and empty without him.

Metal Tiger 1950-2010

Active, aggressive and passionate, and with a glamorous image and persona. The Metal Tiger can be self centred, competitive and an untiring worker, he faithful only to himself and his desires, he wonít mind stepping on toes along the way. This independent Tiger needs his freedom.

Water Tiger 1902-1962

Calm natures and an excellent judge of truth, he is perceptive about the feelings of others. Realistic and intuitive, with great communication skills. He is adept at making deals and his mental abilities are above par but like all Tigers he sometimes wastes time procrastinating.

Wood Tiger 1914-1974

Democratic and charming, tolerant and a good negotiator, the Wood Tiger is innovative and a good delegator, however at times he can be manipulative and lacks self discipline. As with all tigers, it will be hard for him to admit his limitations or take any criticism no matter how constructive it is given. He will attract a great many friends and supporters as he can mingle with all walks of life.

Fire Tiger 1926-1986

Unconventional, unpredictable, influential and independent, the fire tiger is expressive and at time dramatic. A generous and optimistic daredevil, and a natural leader. While he will be on top of the world one day, he can be down in the dumps the next. He is always ready for action; he loves to experience new thrills and discoveries.

Earth Tiger 1938-1998

Practical, warm and likeable, quiet at times, this thoughtful and sensible tiger can be a worrier and is a very proud person. Always serious about his work and career, he will not jump to hasty conclusions or fly off the handle.

Tiger & Tiger

Compatible to a certain degree if they agree not to get mad at the same time they could be good friends, but this is easier said than done with the unpredictable tiger.

Tiger & Rat

If they have the same goals they will have a cool and moderate relationship.

Tiger & Ox

Strong tempers, this is a battle of wills and a strong need to have their own way, this may contribute to their incompatibility.

Tiger & Rabbit

The tiger may be too rash and aggressive for the conservative and peace loving rabbit, lines of communication are not well connected.

Tiger & Dragon

A powerful team there may be a struggle for dominance but mutual respect and cooperation will follow.

Tiger & Snake

The tiger is suspicious of the introverted snake, their relations range from cold to indifferent.

Tiger & Sheep

The tiger will be protective of the sheep and the Sheep will give the tiger lots of sympathy. Could be a permanent and lasting relationship.

Tiger & Rooster

These could be the best of friends or irritate one another. They both love the limelight and may fight for centre stage.

Tiger & Boar

Theirs will be a successful match, they will find happiness in love and business. Both have large appetites and are passionate.