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Guardian Angels


Guardian angels are the angels that stand by our side, they are individual protectors and companions of one human being, Like all angels the guardian angels are very powerful and can work in various ways. Since they are at home on a spiritual level they focus mainly on our development and support us in fulfilling our own life plan.Even if we have our doubts about guardian angels or do not perceive them they stand by our side.

We can choose whether we learn our lessons of life through suffering or in a pleasant way.

Our guardian angels can help us perceive this lesson more quickly and create a more favorable outcome, so our life becomes more enjoyable, but we must request this from them.

No matter whether you perceive the angels they are waiting for you to invite them in. They want to help each human being on his or her path. However they are not permitted to help or guide a person unless they are invited in, they will sit back and watch over the individual as free will is the highest principle and all spiritual being's must respect this.

So invite the angels and ask them for support and guidance.

Angels have been mentioned in the bible from the first book to the last as God's messengers. Most religions acknowledge angels as messengers in one form or another. You do not have to be a religious person to believe in guardian angels as there main purpose is to help you have a life of fun, they increase the consciousness of the soul and therefore bring cheerfulness, joy, beauty serenity, care freeness and fearlessness into your life.