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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is one of the best known archangels, he fought with the Devil and is described as a warrior, a fighter against dark powers. He is mentioned in all three monotheistic (religions that believe in one god) religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam, in the Koran he is called the representative of the divine will, His name means who is like God. The energy of Archangel Michael is clear, powerful and protective as well as enveloping and strengthening. Archangel Michael is known for using his a sword which is a symbol of the clear power of love, his energy is not anger or battle in the human sense but based on love, he is called Gods executor.

Call upon Archangel Michael When:
You feel weak or like a victim and helpless
Against self doubts and feelings of being incapable
If you are suffering with nightmares
When you need protection
When you feel exhausted
When you feel threatened
To support people in leadership positions
To cleanse and clear your home or work place
To free yourself from outside negative energies
For beginning something new and ending something old or for completing something
To regencies dark powers and learn to deal with them