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Meditations & Affirmations

Meditation is one way to help you be at one with your Angels

Meditation is a process of contemplation which results in an altered state of consciousness that has similarity to self hypnosis, inducing a trance like state which relaxes the mind and body hence helping you connect on a higher level with your Angels.

Meditation increases quietness of the mind and this then allows us hear the inner voices of our angels and our angelic self.

How to Meditate

The room must be quite. Allow yourself 10 to 15 minutes twice a day if possible. Find a comfortable position, sitting with the spine very straight or lying down. Ensure you are going to be warm enough for the duration of the meditation but not to warm so you become sleepy.

After choosing your position try to empty your mind of everything and focus on your breathing . Focus it on the rise and fall off your chest and so your mind does not wander try to affix your mind on your angels and imagine them with you embracing you in their wings and most importantly listen to the messages they are sending to you through your thoughts.

Meditation may not appeal to everyone as it involves doing virtually nothing and I appreciate that this does not come naturally to most people also time is another issue. But don't worry because your angels can hear your thoughts and words on a natural level and as you progress with them meditating with them will also become natural.

Simple Bathing Therapy

Add to your bath desired bath salts, add some lavender essential oil. Light candles in the room and extinguish all other light, try to remain undisturbed and visualize the water drawing the tension from your body, feel your muscles relax close your eyes and chant

Water wash away my worries
Take them down the drain
Leave me rested and in peace
with no worries and no pain

When you have finished lay on your bed and begin meditation, this will aid you connecting with your angels. A little exercise to add to the site (meditation)

Cleansing, harmonizing and charging rooms

A lot of people feel negative energy in their home or place of work, with the help of the angels my work also consists of clearing rooms of negativity and researching them with positive angelic energies so people become relaxed and at ease and more importantly positive as these are the places where most of there lives revolve so it is important that they are recharged.