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The Seventh Sign of the Lunar Cycle

The Horse

A person born in the horse’s year will be cheerful, popular, quick-witted but has a changeable personality that could make him hot tempered, rash and sometimes head strong. He is very perspective and talkative and has a raw sex appeal rather than good looks; he has a fondness for animals and sports. He will perform better in a difficult situation than most people; he may choose to leave home early. He is noted for his keen minded ability to handle money. The horse person may be impulsive and stubborn and is know for his explosive temper. Not one to bear a grudge, the horse has a forgiving heart.

The Horse Social and Home

Horse Man

He is not possessive, jealous or suspicious; he will only become aggressive when he fails to get his own way. Once he has made a decision he will not hesitate to act. When an idea hits him he will work around the clock without eating or sleeping. You will either find him dashing around doing one hundred and one things or flat out on his back from exhaustion. When you talk to Mr Horse, emulate him, be quick and get straight to the point otherwise you will loose his attention. Horsed of both sexes will accumulate wealth but not security.

Horse Woman

The lady horse is known to be saucy, pert and pretty nimble on her toes and very intelligent. Good at multitasking; She can do her nails, write a letter and mind the children while talking on the phone. The horse lady loves to get things done; she would be in ten places at the one time if she could. She makes friends easily and loves fresh air, greenness and the great outdoors. If you love her and want to keep her don’t keep her fenced in.

The Horse in Love

The unpredictable horse may fall in love easily but may fall out of love just as fast if he follows his heart instead of his head. This sign is known as the play girl or boy of the cycle, he loves to be where the action is. In matters of the heart, the horse can be fickle; horses should be encouraged to wait until they are more mature before they marry. He may have more affairs that end unhappy or several marriages that end in divorce.

The Horse Child

He will have a passionate love for life and a buoyant personality, he will learn and act quickly, at times he will be a whining cry-baby type and can be disobedient and stubborn. This sprightly little fellow will love the outdoors.

Ask him to sit still or keep him cooped up around the home could e punishment, he will walk and talk early and will resent parents who restrict him too much. He is also likely to be left-handed. Parents and family will find this child entertaining and delightfully adventures. A happy go lucky daredevil, playful, impulsive and with a volatile temper at times.

Metal Horse 1930-1990

A popular, amorous and bold horse, at times can be very stubborn and self-cantered. When he is negative he will be irrational, but when he is positive he will race to the finish line leaving everybody far behind. He is very appealing to the opposite sex; the metal horse is never out of action for very long.

Water Horse 1943-2002

A great sports enthusiast, adaptable but impatient, very fashionable and has a great sense of humor. The cheerful, dapper horse with excellent business acumen can make extensive adjustments without batting an eyelash. A traveler, he wont let the grass grow under his feet, he may also have the habit of frequently changing his mind and may embark on an entirely different course of action without any explanation.

Wood Horse 1954-2014

A great conversationalist with a happy disposition, he is friendly and cooperative but unsentimental at times. This horse could be the most reasonable of all horses, but will still resist on being dominated. The strong, high-spirited wood horse does not have a lazy bone in his body because he is unsentimental he will throw out the old and welcome in the new.

Fire Horse 1966-2026

Charming, adventurous and flamboyant, the skilful fire horse can be argumentative at time and is often unreasonable. He possesses superb intellect and great personal magnetism; this is a double fire sign and will produce a native who is highly excitable and hot blooded. Hi is happiest leading a double or triple life or having several professions to his mane. He loves to travel and meet new friends; he will rarely accept supervision, even from his superiors. He is skilful at resolving sensitive and complicated issues and he will never quit without a battle and we can bet on him to win.

Earth Horse 1918-1978

A happy horse, he prefers to consider all sides of the question before acting, the earth horse is somewhat exact and slow moving, more logical but less decisive than the other horses. He can revive shaky businesses on the brink and spur lagging industries to achieve greater productivity. The earth horse is able to make serious commitments and will not neglect his responsibility.

Horse & Ox

Relations are moderate between the horse and the ox, The horse likes to work on his intuition and instinct, the ox likes to go by the book. The ox could prove too much for the flamboyant horse.

Horse & Rabbit

The rabbit may not share the horses fiery love of action and danger when the horse leads – don’t count on the passive rabbit to follow.

Horse & Dragon

This combination will mean speed and power, both have good communication skills, the dragon will do well to go along with the horses superior instincts and ability to stay out of trouble.

Horse & Snake

The snake will be too withdrawn to suit the hyperactive horse, this could be a cool to distant relationship.

Horse & Horse

They have a lot in common; both outgoing and active, this could lead be a successful relationship, neither expects too much from the other.

Horse & Sheep

Compatible and successful business as the sheep is the good guy and the horse the tough one.

Horse & Monkey

These will cooperate to a certain degree but each could be too selfish or overly calculating.

Horse & Rooster

A cool and amicable relationship, depending on who’s boss. Both love adventure, the rooster researches and wont act until he has all the information while the horse will fly by the seat of his pants.

Horse & Boar

These care moderately compatible, with no particular attractions but no great clashes either. Both signs are highly sociable and will be good friends.