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Angel Scopes

The Second Sign of the lunar Cycle
The Ox

The ox symbolises the attainment of prosperity through hard work. Very dependable, calm and methodical, a very patient and tireless worker, fair minded and a good listener, he can be very stubborn and have strong prejudices, a good memory, reliable and steady. Honest yet over sensitive and can hold grudges. Has a rather strange constitution and does not get sick easily.

The Ox Social and at Home

The Ox social life revolves around work or home. Oxís word is the law; they make a good parent or provider and are capable of great sacrifices for his families welfare. An Ox person will always be an asset to his family as he is proud of his family and will help them to succeed. A lot of things come wrapped in plain brown paper, the Ox is one of them, so donít ever belittle the packaging as he is worth his weight in gold!

Ox Man

The Ox Man is well educated, distinguished, well traveled and a leader of men. He can be unromantic but make will make a good husband, as he is very faithful

Ox Woman

The Ox woman is efficient, protective, softly spoken and confident. Punctual, honest and hardworking, she would make an ideal wife.

The Ox in love

Naïve and can be rather un romantic as they need time to develop intimate relationships as they find it hard to reveal their true feelings. Trustworthy and faithful yet if disappointed in love he will bury himself in his work and lead a solitary existence.

The Ox Child

This child will have will power and inner stamina, heís not very talkative yet is obedient and attentive; at school he may be an example student. A late speaker, he would prefer to settle an argument with his fists instead of his tongue. Stubborn and secretive, he needs to develop his sense of humor from a young age.

Metal Ox 1901-1961

Eloquent, tough and a do or die type! Responsible and arrogant, can be a person of few words. With remarkable stamina, the Metal Ox should guard against being narrow-minded and vengeful when he doesn't get his own way.

Water Ox 1913-1973

Realistic, ambitious, patient, with a keen sense of values, the Water Ox is practical and shrewd minded, flexible with an unshakable determination. Calm and methodical, this Ox will be more reasonable and flexible than other types of Oxen.

Wood Ox 1925-1985

Motivated with a strong drive, The Wood Ox is a ambitious yet understanding and considerate showman. He is capable of teamwork and is likely to be very corporate minded. He is less stubborn and able to concede to the majority rule.

Fire Ox 1937-1997

Honest and protective, materialistic with a superiority complex, he is proud, outspoken and very protective. The Fire Ox tends to underestimate his abilities at times and may show a lack of consideration for other peoples feelings.

Earth Ox 1949 -2009

The Earth Ox is stable, loyal, steadfast and sincere; he is industrious and determined by nature and needs security. He will fight for advancement constantly in his life and endure difficulties and suffering without complaint. He may be the slowest but the surest Oxen of all.

Ox & Snake

(Triangle of affinity) they are most likely to comply with the dictates of their heads rather than their hearts

Ox & Rooster

(Triangle of affinity) Dutiful and dedicated fighters with shrive to reach great heights and conquer by their sheer determination

Ox & Rat

Do well in marriage or business relationships, both hard workers and family oriented.

Ox & Ox

A lukewarm partnership, absence of Communication and keep their feelings to themselves.

Ox & Tiger

They are friends in good times but when the going gets tough they both loose their infamous tempers.

Ox & Rabbit

No magic here. Compatibility may be strained if the rabbit has to choose between his friends and exclusive company of the ox.

Ox & Dragon

A workable relationship, there is mutual respect and understanding. The Ox will let the Dragon hog the lime-light if the dragon pulls his own weight.

Ox & Horse

Communication barriers could easily preclude a close relationship. The Horse prefers short cuts while the Ox sticks to the proven path.

Ox & Monkey

The Monkey is most likely to be the brain, the Ox the brawn if they can work out their differences their partnership could bear fruit.

Ox & Dog

Would do well together if they are moving toward the same goal or in the same circles but could expect too much from each other and go their separate ways if the chemistry is not right.

Ox & Boar

Compatible to a certain degree while there may be no struggle for dominance here, there may be no lasting bond either.