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Angel Scopes

The First sign of the lunar cycle
The Rat

Metal Rat 1900–1960

Intensely emotional, jealous, possessive and selfish – with expensive tastes he loves money and spending it. If he curbs his domineering tendencies he will succeed in making himself known and liked by all the right people. He will advance himself by getting into influential circles.

Water Rat 1912–1972

Calculating and shrewd, the Water Rat is an instinctive thinker and has an excellent insight to people and is highly respected. Accommodating and understanding, he is the traditional conservative. Instinctively aware of other people’s likes and dislike, he knows how to please those in a position to help him.

Wood Rat 1924–1984

Success oriented, amicable, and progressive, a hard worker, he loves security. A good talking professional, always confident and thoughtful but egotistic. He has strict priorities, but can be flexible in order to achieve his aims; he will have little difficulty in drumming up support for his ventures.

Fire Rat 1936-1996

Dynamic, love travel and fashion, aggressive but generous, energetic and idealistic, blunt, independent, competitive yet impatient. He is not very disciplined but is devoted to his home and family although he needs lots of room and attention to sooth his oversized ego.

Earth Rat 1948–2008

Mature, happy and confident, disciplined, positive, talented, realistic, protective, stingy with money and impatient. The earth rat cares a great deal for his reputation and public image but is warm and loving towards those he loves.

Rat & Monkey

(Triangle of affinity) They can team up beautifully because they possess a common way of doing things and will appreciate each others way of thinking.

Rat & Dragon

(Triangle of affinity) Performance and progress oriented signs adept at handling matters with initiative and innovation

Rat & Rat

Compatible to a certain degree & will make a good team if they have a common goal.

Rat & Ox

A Union with the ox will work well. The shy Ox will not try to upstage the Rat.

Rat & Tiger

The attraction has to be very strong for this relationship to prosper.

Rat & Rabbit

An amicable relationship but the Rabbit is Such a smooth operator, it will be hard for the Rat to out maneuver him.

Rat & Snake

These two signs know how to cooperate to make a relationship work.

Rat & Sheep

Such different outlooks of life, this will Generate animosity.

Rat & Rooster

They test each others patience. Nothing special or lasting will develop.

Rat & Dog

No serious differences, they will work together as a team when necessary.

Rat & Boar

A moderately happy and workable partnership.